Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

At Cardiol Therapeutics, our mission revolves around bringing groundbreaking medicines to individuals afflicted by diseases of the heart, with clinical trials serving as the foundation of our efforts. A clinical trial is a study performed to determine the safety or efficacy of an investigative medicine. For medicines intended for human use, these studies rely on the participation of healthcare professional clinical researchers, patients and healthy volunteers. To learn about clinical trials sponsored by Cardiol, including the various opportunities to actively engage in this essential research, click on the links below highlighting our current clinical trial programs in recurrent pericarditis and acute myocarditis.


Study Title Condition Phase Country Locations
Impact of CardiolRx™ on Recurrent Pericarditis Recurrent Pericarditis Phase 2 United States

Impact of CardiolRx™ on Myocardial Recovery in Acute Myocarditis Acute Myocarditis Phase 2 United States, Brazil, Canada, France, Israel


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