Manufacturing Partners

In collaboration with Noramco, Inc. and Dalton Pharma Services, Cardiol is now in the process of manufacturing ultra-pure cannabidiol (CBD). This is in support of our heart failure program and the commercial introduction of pharmaceutically-produced pure cannabidiol products into the Canadian medicinal cannabinoid market. We believe this new class of cannabidiol-based products will set new industry standards for product purity, traceability, dosimetry, and consistency while providing Cardiol with a significant revenue opportunity.

Noramco, Inc.

Cardiol has entered into a long-term, exclusive Supply Agreement with Noramco, Inc. to manufacture and supply pure pharmaceutical cannabidiol (CBD) for Canada and Mexico. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Delaware, USA, Noramco maintains operations around the world and is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of controlled drug substance Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), including select cannabinoids (CBD).

The Noramco Supply Agreement provides Cardiol with access to CBD capacity and the ability to scale production to metric tonne (one million grams) quantities, leveraging the current market demand for CBD in Canada. With this Supply Agreement, Cardiol is planning to enter the market with a pharmaceutically-produced ultra-pure CBD product that meets the highest production standards and has the added benefit of being THC-free.

Dalton Pharma Services

Cardiol has established an exclusive manufacturing arrangement with Dalton Pharma Services (Dalton) for supplying pharmaceutical cannabidiol at >99.5% purity for Cardiol’s research programs.

Located in Toronto, Canada, Dalton is a Health Canada approved, FDA registered cGMP manufacturer of over 200 APIs, including pharmaceutical cannabinoids, with manufacturing capability scalable to support all stages of the regulatory process (Phase I, II, III, and commercial). In 2016 and 2017, Dalton Pharma Services received the Leadership Award for Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) in the following categories: Quality, Capabilities, Expertise, Compatibility, and Development.

In collaboration with Dalton, Cardiol is developing unique manufacturing expertise in the production of pure pharmaceutical cannabinoids in support of our nanotherapeutics program in heart failure. With the de-scheduling of cannabinoids from the federal Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Cardiol believes there is a significant opportunity to manufacture and commercialize pure pharmaceutical cannabidiol regulated by the federal Cannabis Act.