Pharmaceutically produced CBD:
Formulated to be THC free*

Our pharmaceutically produced CBD is ultra-pure and is formulated specifically for medical purposes. It is free from the psychotropic effects of THC and is produced using controlled processes in approved pharmaceutical facilities. This allows for consistent quality and purity from batch to batch, resulting in a THC free (<5 ppm) CBD oil you can trust – ideal for patients who should not be exposed to THC.

CardiolRx™: The next generation of CBD

As a pharmaceutical CBD produced for its purity, you can count on the consistent quality of CardiolRx™ in every drop. Once a patient’s dose is established, they can take that same dose every time.

• Soon to be available in a highly concentrated 100 mg/mL formulation, as well as in 50 mg/mL and 25 mg/mL formulations
• Supplied with a patient-preferred micro-dosing syringe for simple and precise oral administration

Proudly made in Canada for Cardiol Therapeutics

Cardiol Therapeutics is a Canadian pharmaceutical company committed to developing the purest CBD products. CardiolRx™ is produced by Cardiol Therapeutics in partnership with Dalton Pharma Services, a current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) manufacturer of over 200 active pharmaceutical ingredients, including pharmaceutical cannabinoids, which operates in Canada in a Health Canada approved and FDA registered facility.

Dalton’s highly controlled processes and compliance with rigorous safety standards that meet Health Canada guidelines ensure the high quality and purity of pharmaceutically produced CardiolRx™.

* Less than 5 ppm