CardiolRxTM Pharmaceutical CBD

In collaboration with Dalton Pharma Services, Cardiol is developing unique expertise in the production of pharmaceutical cannabinoids in support of its nanotherapeutics program in heart failure.

With the de-scheduling of cannabinoids from the federal Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Cardiol believes there is a significant opportunity to manufacture and commercialize pure pharmaceutical cannabidiol regulated by the federal Cannabis Act.

• Health Canada approved, FDA registered, cGMP manufacturer
• Pharmaceutical CBD
• Precise dosing
• >99.5% purity
• THC Free (less than 10 ppm)

Projections published by New Frontier Data and the Brightfield Group, respectively, show that the total Canadian medical cannabinoid market in 2021 will be worth approximately CDN$2.31 billion and the global market could quadruple to USD$31.4 billion by 2021. Cardiol believes that a pharmaceutical cannabidiol product, which will address a significant proportion of the total medicinal cannabinoid market, manufactured by a Health Canada approved, FDA registered, cGMP facility, will have key competitive advantages regarding traceability, dosimetry, consistency, and purity. Cardiol also believes this new class of CBD products will provide the Company with a significant near-term revenue opportunity.