Product Candidates


Cardiol is developing CTX02, a proprietary formulation of methotrexate for the treatment of heart failure.

Methotrexate, an inhibitor of cell division, was originally developed for cancer therapy, but lower doses were found to suppress the immune system, resulting in a dose-dependent down regulation of chronic inflammation. Low dose methotrexate is currently used as a disease-modifying agent in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Recent experimental data have shown that methotrexate improves cardiac function after acute myocardial infarction and has anti-fibrotic properties. Low dose methotrexate is currently being investigated in a clinical trial of 7,000 patients with diabetes or metabolic syndrome to determine whether its anti-inflammatory effects lead to a reduction in serious cardiovascular events (the Cardiovascular Inflammation Reduction Trial –

The ongoing CIRT trial is expected to generate significant interest within the cardiology community. In the context of this growing interest, Cardiol plans to play a leadership role in developing methotrexate for the treatment of heart failure.