Product Candidates

CardiolRx Pharmaceutical Cannabidiol

In collaboration with Dalton Pharma Services, Cardiol is developing unique manufacturing expertise in the production of pharmaceutical cannabinoids in support of its nanotherapeutics program in heart failure.

With de-scheduling of cannabinoids from the Canadian controlled substance act expected in the second half of 2018, Cardiol believes there is a significant opportunity to exploit this manufacturing expertise to commercialize pharmaceutical cannabinoid products.

CardiolRx Pharmaceutical Cannabidiol
• FDA/Health Canada certified cGMP manufacturer
• Pharmaceutical cannabidiol
• Precise dosing
• THC-free
• >99% purity

Current annual sales of cannabinoid-based oils in Canada are estimated to now exceed $400 million and are expected to continue to grow exponentially. Cardiol believes that a pharmaceutical cannabinoid product, manufactured by a Health Canada regulated/FDA registered cGMP facility, will have key competitive advantages regarding traceability, dosimetry, consistency, and purity. Cardiol also believes this new class of cannabinoid-based products will provide the Company with a significant near-term revenue opportunity.